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SMT Developments Limited Conflict Materials Policy Statement

June 5, 2015

In response to the concerns on Conflict Materials as stated in the Dodd-Frank Act, SMT Developments Limited has prepared the following statement.

SMT Developments Limited embraces all of its Ethical and Environmental commitments including the Dodd-Frank Act on Conflict Minerals, where the following minerals are named:

  • Coltan (Columbite Tantalite), refined into Tantalum
  • Cassiterite, refined into tin
  • Wolframite, refined into Tungsten
  • Gold

Although SMT Developments is not bound by this legislation directly, as a socially responsible global supplier the company supports the aims of the Dodd-Frank Act concerning minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the surrounding areas controlled by the military and militias.

SMT Developments Limited is not directly involved in the mining, smelting or trading in these minerals. However, the refined materials are used in electrical and electronic devices and components that are used in our assembled products, and are essential in their construction.

As a responsible company we routinely ask our suppliers to declare their smelter’s details. Details are supplied in writing, normally in the form of an EICC/CFSI statement. While for practical reasons we do not routinely audit our supplier’s declaration, we do periodically request the latest statement. We will continue to work with our supplier database to help to ensure that only products containing “conflict free” minerals are supplied to our company.

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